K3 Welcome Christmas & Celebrates the Anniversary of Macau SAR.

Macau is a place where Chinese and Western cultures are harmoniously integrated. The Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School focuses on patriotism, love for Macau and multicultural education. With the advent   of the 20th anniversary of Macau SAR., the K3 team launched a "Welcome Christmas & Celebrates the Anniversary of Macau SAR."   event.


On the afternoon of December 19th, under the leadership of the teachers, the children carried out a series of activities to celebrate the anniversary of Macau SAR. with excitement. The teacher introduced the relationship between Macau and the motherland, the national flag & the regional flag, and Macau's anniversary celebration activities with rich and detailed information: such as the flag-raising ceremony of the Golden Lotus Square, the grand fireworks display, and the wonderful literary and art performance.


The classes also simulated the activity of raising the national flag in the classroom. Every child stood   upright and sang the national anthem to watch the national flag rising. The feeling of patriotism and love for Macau inspired them to study hard and contribute to the motherland and Macau in the future.