K1 Fun Learning, Anti-Epidemic

This spring, it became unusual under the influence of the epidemic, and there were no lively and laughing children on campus. It turned out that the children were obediently fighting the epidemic with their parents at home and holding their ground.

In order to let the children live a healthy and fulfilling life at home, the teachers started working on the online platform at the beginning of the outbreak. Through online meetings, there were tailored activities for the children that meet their age characteristics and suitable to carry out at home and related to various fields, such as the development of healthy lifestyle habits, the reading of parent-child picture books, the heart-warming actions of caring for the family, interesting scientific experiments, fun physical games and art creation, etc. At the same time, parents are also actively cooperating and playing with creativity, and have carried out various fun and interesting puzzle games, vitality fitness sports and food cooking with their children at home.

We look forward to taking off our masks and saying hello to each other on campus, and surrounded by children's laughter and joy.