Christmas Activity Week

        The week before our winter break the Primary English teachers at Hou Kong Premier created an activity week for primary students. We decided the theme for these activities would be Christmas. Our goal was to create fun educational games with Christmas spirit. We created 5 different games and the students rotated between them throughout the 40 minutes. The students then received a gift at the end of the activity for participating and following directions.

        Our games allowed the students to practice their listening and speaking skills in English. All the teachers created a poster with directions of how to play the games. The students needed to read the directions and be prepared to play, for the younger students the teachers gave the directions verbally. While playing the games students practiced taking turns and being respectful of their peers. Every grade level did very well during the activities, we are proud of them!

        We divided our activities into grade levels, each day we had a different grade level come to the hall and play the games. For this activity week we had P1-P5 playing the games, we then asked P6 to volunteer and be the helpers during this time. Our P6 students did a fabulous job. They were incredibly supportive of the P1-P5 students. This gave our P6 students great practice in speaking English. Every day was a new grade level so they had the challenge of explaining the games in a way that all the different ages would understand. Our P6 students kept the younger students organized and explained the directions while having Christmas spirit and being kind to our P1-P5 students. Our P6 students really showed leadership; by the end of the week they were running most of the games while the English teachers supervised.

        Our activities were hands-on and consisted of sewing and decorating stockings, playing a jingle bell toss, having a shoveling snow race, spotting the difference in Christmas photos, drawing vocabulary words, and writing a card to Santa. The students and teachers had tons of fun during this activity week. We look forward to the next one!