P6 & S3 Ecobrick Camp – June 2019

    In June 30 P6 students and 30 S3 students joined “Ecobrick Camp.” Ecobricks are plastic bottles filled with single use non-biodegradable plastic. When the bottles are filled tightly they are as strong as cement bricks and can be used in all kinds of building projects. The ecobrick movement began in the Philippines and is catching on worldwide as a way to deal with plastic pollution. As far as we know, HKP students are the first ecobrickers in Macau. While part of the day was spent stuffing bottles with plastic, this was not the main focus of the camp. Using an inquiry approach, the students learned about the environmental impacts of single use plastic globally and in Macau. They then investigated the merits of some other innovative solutions besides ecobricks. At the end of the two week camp, each participant made a persuasive presentation urging others to adopt some of these solutions.

Nurdles found.jpg

Hunting for Nurdles at Hac Sa.jpg

A highlight of the camp was a trip to Hac-Sa beach to hunt for nurdles. Nurdles are the raw materials of plastic production and are a significant pollution problem around the world. Unfortunately the students found many nurdles on our beach! 

Award Ceremony.jpg

At the closing ceremony awards were presented for…

HKP’s first Ecobrick

Heaviest Ecobrick

Most Effective Infomercial

Best Plastic Solution Presentation, P6 & S3

Most Plastic Collected