HKP Students Visited the Elderly of the Users of Ping An Tong

HKP Students Visited the Elderly of the Users of Ping An Tong


To cultivate students' sense of social responsibility, broaden their horizons, and promote their overall development, HKP has always strongly supported and encouraged students to participate in various types of social services.

 on March 12, our school organized more than sixty senior students to visit elderly users of the "Ping An Tong" emergency call service, allowing students to enter the lives of the elderly, listen to their needs, and convey care and warmth.


Many of the elderly expressed the hope that someone would accompany them, listen to their voice, and share their life experiences. Through the visit, students and the elderly got to know each other, chatted together, and gained a deeper understanding of the current situation of elderly life in Macau, deepening their understanding and care for the elderly. At the same time, they also learned about the living conditions of different social strata, further enhancing their awareness of respecting their elders.


This visit provided students with a precious opportunity to understand the elderly group up close. In addition to gaining a better understanding of the elderly's habits and ways of life and increasing empathy, they also learned a lot of life experiences and wisdom from the elderly, which was very meaningful.