Painting works of HKP students were presented to Winter Olympic athletes

    In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of young people to participate in the Winter Olympics and to implement the concept of "athlete-centered", the Press and Publicity Department of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee (BOCOG) and the Chinese and Foreign Humanities Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education and other relevant organizations will launch a collection of young people's paintings on the theme of the Winter Olympics for primary and secondary school students across China.

    Among the 40,000+ paintings collected, there were 26 paintings from the Macao Special Administrative Region. After three rounds of evaluation by experts, the final selection was made for the painting "Wonderful Moments of the Winter Olympic Games" by HKP P5A student Leung Sum Yue. The organizer presented the selected youngsters with commemorative certificates to thank them for their support to the Winter Olympics. The selected young people's paintings were presented as "special" New Year gifts to the delegation members of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, creating a rich atmosphere of "Chinese New Year" in the Winter Olympic Village.

     Our art instructor, Mr. Jiajie Liang, said he was honored that our students' works were presented to the Winter Olympic athletes as a national gift. The event not only allows students to learn about the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, but also encourages the development of students' art interests. Our school will continue to develop the art curriculum so that students can have a better quality education in art.