Three students of HKP were awarded the honorary title of "National Best Winter Olympics Junior Reporter”

    The "My Winter Olympics Dream" Winter Olympics Junior Journalist Contest, jointly organized by the Press and Publicity Department of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee and Beijing Radio and Television, aims to spread Olympic knowledge and promote the Olympic spirit through different disciplines of education and youth media activities.

    The "My Dream of Winter Olympics" Winter Olympics Junior Journalist Contest kicked off in February 2021. The event is divided into preliminary, final and national final rounds. The content requirements of the preliminary and final rounds included a written test in English and Chinese (news literacy quiz and knowledge quiz on the Winter Olympics and Paralympics), and a mock interview in English and Chinese in the final round. After four rounds of fierce competition, the judging committee carefully evaluated and selected more than 500 primary and secondary school students from the 27 schools in Macau that participated in the nationwide online examination, and finally selected 40 representatives to participate in the Macau final.

    A total of 13 primary and secondary students from Hao Jiang School of Excellence entered the final round. Finally, S1B, S4D, S6C

    Three female students excelled in the "Final 10" competition and won the title of "National Best Winter Olympics Junior Reporter" (three of the five winners in Macau) in the Macau Sub-State National Selection Competition. Due to the epidemic prevention and control, Macau's best Winter Olympics Junior Reporters were not able to enter the main press center during the Winter Olympics as intern reporters (only online) to record and spread the Winter Olympics together with professional reporters from all over the world.

     In the process of the competition, Yingcai students not only increased their knowledge and culture of the Olympic Games, but also told the story of the Winter Olympics in China to the international community in the language of the world.

     Instructors: Wenwen Wang, Jinxia Kang, Xiujun Mo, Miss Mel, Shufen Huang, Cuiqin Deng, Yali Li, Pixie Chen, Shuqi Ruan, Yunru Lu, Rongzhi Zhu