About HKP

    Welcome to Hou Kong Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School (HKP).

    HKP opened in 2010 to meet the growing need for high quality education in Macau. In 2015 the school expanded significantly, adding new classrooms, state of the art science and technology labs, an extensive and welcoming library, dedicated art and music classrooms, and many other facilities in support of student learning.

Our school serves children from K1 (three year olds) through high school graduation(K1—S6). Currently, there are 70 classes, more than 2,200 students, and over 220 faculty members. 

    HKP utilizes high quality teaching resources and has an exceptional and dedicated faculty who are devoted to cultivating accomplished, well rounded students. Through rigorous exploration of the sciences, humanities, arts, and languages, our students are well prepared for University and the challenges beyond. Moral education and civic responsibility are woven into all aspects of school life to ensure our students understand what it means to be a contributing member of society. Physical education and conditioning classes provide opportunities for students to develop a healthy and active body as well as their active mind. 

    HKP is a Chinese medium school and local teachers, as well as faculty from mainland China, provide a rich environment in which to learn, master, and apply Mandarin.

    The school also employs teachers from all over the world in order to support students’ language development and increase their global competence. Developing and increasing the English language proficiency of every student is a core goal at HKP. The school currently employs several native English speaking teachers who teach the language in an immersive setting so that students’ learning of English is natural and accelerated. HKP also has a long established partnership with two American universities who send teaching interns to our school every term. The presence of these interns, and their university professors, serves to increase the opportunities for students to have formal and informal conversation with native speakers and apply their English skills purposefully.    

    HKP students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and programs across the disciplines. They also regularly take part in competitions, attend student conferences, and travel overseas for learning camps and leadership activities.  

    HKP pledges to provide every child with a high quality education that meets their individual needs and provides them the necessary skills to enter the global world upon graduation.