K2 Parent-child Sports Day

In order to promote the health of children and enhance the harmonious relationship between parents and children, Kindergarten K2 held a parent-child sports day of "I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy". The activities include parent-child rhythm performances and parent-child games.

With the beginning of the parent-child group gymnastics performance, the prelude of this parent-child sports day was kicked off. Seeing the strong eyes of the parents and the babies, the uniform movements are really heroic! In the games, the babies are both nervous and excited, working with their parents, bravely running, jumping, and struggling. The audience enthusiastically shouted for cheers, and the laughter and cheers came and went in the venue.

Through the activities, the children felt the warmth of their family and experience the joy of cooperation. Parents and children exercise together, play together, and enjoy a beautiful childhood together.