Open Day Children Experience Activities

    On December 9, 2023, the HKP School held an open day event. The event was rich in content, and more than 2,000 children and parents participated in the event, including children and parents from the school and the community. The activities included course introductions and experiences, performances, and campus tours. The kindergarten opened 10 venues for course experiences, including Chinese and English stories, STEM, music, and physical games. There were three sessions of course experiences, aimed at allowing more families to participate.

    K3 children took the kindergarten connection inquiry task card and walked through the building of the primary school like a treasure hunt with their parents. While looking for answers to the questions, they also got to know the campus environment of the primary school.

    In addition, the kindergarten also opened indoor and outdoor teaching venues for the public and parents to visit, such as classrooms, piano rooms, game rooms, outdoor playgrounds, planting areas, and outdoor platforms on the top floor. Children and parents experienced watering crops in the vegetable garden together, explored large wooden boxes, ladders, and rollers outdoors, and tried various ways of playing. The piano room was filled with melodious and cheerful music… The whole campus was filled with joy. This open day event not only allowed the public and parents of the school to have a better understanding of the school, but also allowed everyone to experience joy and happiness and spend a wonderful day.