Celebrate the Anniversary of Macau SAR & Christmas

To celebrate the 24th anniversary of Macau SAR and Christmas, our kindergarten held a series of celebration activities on December 19th.


On this special day, the children wore their favorite festive costumes and participated in various fun activities. The Chinese teachers introduced the relationship between Macau and the motherland, the national flag and the regional flag, and the annual celebration activities for Macau SAR. The children were very enthusiastic in answering questions and expressing their opinions. At the same time, we also held Christmas activities. Foreign teachers and children played Christmas-themed games together and introduced the origins of some Christmas customs in English, such as hanging Christmas stockings and placing Christmas trees. Afterwards, the children happily sang Christmas carols, exchanged gifts, and shared food under the guidance of the foreign teachers.

This event not only allowed the children to have a pleasant time, but also expanded their knowledge and experienced the atmosphere of the integration of both Chinese and Western cultures.