HKP’s Fruitful Graduation Trip

      Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School organized a graduation study tour for the primary 6 graduates from 13-14 December. The itinerary includes visiting Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise, the Museum of the Former Residence of Sun Yat-Sen and a study tour, “Aviation Little Guardian” at Beijing Institute of Technology in Zhuhai. The graduation trip benefited the students and left a deep impression on the students.
       In the afternoon of the first day, students enjoyed different rides in the Chimelong Paradise. It has helped the students build self-confidence and enhance the friendship between the students. It will also become one of the most precious and beautiful memories for them. 
      The next morning, students visited the Museum of the Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen. This visit could cultivate students’ patriotic feelings, so as to encourage students to strictly demand themselves and strive to become the pillars of Macau. 
       In the afternoon, students learnt all sorts of things related to aerospace at Beijing Institute of Technology in Zhuhai. After a series of lessons, teachers' explanations and students' hands-on experience, students' awareness of the development status of China's aerospace industry has been aroused. While feeling the glory and achievements of China's aerospace industry, it stimulates students' enthusiasm for science and technology.

       This graduation trip is an educational and entertaining journey that will become an unforgettable memory in the student’s life.