Two Students Won Medals for Macau Team in Asian Wushu Championships

Ioi Tong Leong (梁睿桐) and San Hei Leong (梁宸曦) from P6C and P4D (as of 2022/2023) spent an unforgettable summertime representing Macau at the 11th Asian Junior Wushu Championships and achieved very promising results.

On the first day of the Championships, Ioi Tong Leong won a gold medal for the Macau Team in the Junior Female Group B Daoshu (刀術) category with 8.993 points. In the following competitions, she won first runner-up in Group Quanshu (集體拳術) and second runner-up in Gunshu (棍術).

Great performance was seen from San Hei Leong too. She won the champion of the Female Group C Nandao (南刀) category, as well as the third runners-up of Nanquan (南拳) and Nangun (南棍) categories in her group, contributing three medals for the Macau Team.

The Asian Junior Wushu Championships is the highest level of Wushu competition for juniors in Asia and is held every two years. A total of 321 athletes from 25 countries and regions participated in the Championships, which provided a world-facing platform for young athletes and inspired them to seek breakthroughs in the harmonious integration of multiple cultures. They are encouraged to create outstanding results with the determination to pursue excellence, and inherit the profound history of Chinese Wushu.