Hand in Hand, K2's Anti-Epidemic Little Warrior


This holiday, almost everyone of us is surrounded by information on "Coronavirus". In the face of the epidemic, what can we and our children do besides scientific  prevention at home?


In this special period, the school organized teachers to carry out related seminars, combined with the   characteristics of children’s learning, with the protection of children’s health as the mainstay, and parent-child games as the core, from the experience of life activities, reading, Art & Craft, rhythm, science   games, etc. The teaching plans are recommended to parents, and make full use of the online platform for online interaction to create a "Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning" atmosphere for the children. Parents also responded to the appeals, recording the warm pictures one by one and sharing them together in the class group. The children can't go out, so they do active exercises at home. At the same time, children are encouraged to do their own things, strive to be hard-working bees, stack their clothes, wash vegetables, wash dishes, mop the floor, make dumplings, bake pizza, roll sushi... children can also find happiness in this special times and enjoy parent-child time.


With the active cooperation of the parents, starting from me, working hand in hand to overcome difficulties.