No Isolation during the Epidemic for K3


In the spring of 2020, a sudden new coronavirus broke the peace and quiet of life, children were isolated at home to prevent the new coronavirus, but opened a rich journey of home play and  learning.


In order to let the children "Suspending   Classes without Suspending Learning", the school organizes teachers to  provide activities that match the children's age characteristics every week, according to the five areas of learning to provide colorful activities, crafts, magic science experiments, fun stories, a variety of singing rhythms  and so on. Parents also actively participated in the activities, recording  the learning of their children at home, and uploading to the group to share and exchange with everyone to learn together. Many toddlers have taken on the role of chore masters at home, sweeping, cleaning tables, mopping floors, and cooking gourmet meals with their mothers. The fathers, on the other hand, were transformed into sports coaches, taking their children to play parent-child fitness games and doing daily physical exercises with their children to improve their physical quality.


The virus isolates us, but not the happy smiling face and the beauty in our hearts. Hopefully, the epidemic will soon pass and we will be reunited in the warmth of spring on campus.