Family Night

        On January 3rd six new interns arrived from the USA to work at our school for the next ten weeks. The interns come from teacher preparation programs at Central Washington University and Oregon State University. Including this group there have now been 116 interns who have come to HKP as part of this partnership program.

        Rachel  is from CWU and is working in K2

        Alexis is from CWU and is working in K3

        Jennifer is from CWU and is working in P2  

        Maia is from OSU and is working in P3

        Lois is from OSU and is working in P5

        Noe is from CWU and is working in S3/S4 

        Last Friday evening, all of the interns, together with two others from HKMS, hosted a fun filled family event for P3-P5. The theme of the event was “Managing Stress.” 

        Under the direction of the program coordinator, Judy Backlund, the interns designed four activities to teach the students how to relax and stay focused during stressful times such as exam week. The event was attended by about 60 students and their parents. Students and parents had fun working together on the activities and everyone, children and parents, learned something new.

        The most popular activity during the event was making a stress ball. A stress ball is a small ball that can be squeezed in the hand; squeezing it reduces anxiety, helps keep the mind focused, and increases blood flow. Making a stress ball is an easy project to do at home; simply fill a deflated balloon with rice and tie a knot.

        Our next intern hosted family event will be in March. We hope you will be able to join!