A Visit to Nursing Home

       On 19th January, since the Chinese New Year is coming, students from the Student Union (primary section) went to a nursing home named “I On”to visit the elderly and show our love and care for them. Students prepared some gifts and a few performances including playing the cello and violin, singing and storytelling. After the performances, students also had a game with the elderly. We hope to bring happiness and warmth through the interactions and sharing between students and elderly. Students learn more about the life in a nursing home and understand the importance of caring between people, especially for the elderly who need help. After leaving the nursing home, students all expressed that they had an insight into the elderly and the visit was very meaningful.

Students’ reflections:

“Hope our performances and voice can bring happiness and care to the elderly, comparing with their lives, ours are very satisfactory.”

“We should cherish all we have, especially time. Study hard and be a volunteer to contribute to the society in the future.”

 “We should show more love and care for the elderly around us, communicate more with them in order to prevent them from loneliness.”

 “We are having better living criteria because of the rapid development in Macao, all these improvements are gained by the efforts of the elderly. When they receive the gifts, the smiles on their faces are priceless. ”