HKP Holds History Cup for the 2nd Year

In order to deepen students' knowledge of the history of the motherland and Macao culture, and to better carry on the fine tradition of loving the country and Macao in HKP, the History Section held the second history knowledge competition on 5th March 2024.

The competition was divided into two groups: junior secondary and senior secondary. The winners of the Junior and Senior Secondary categories were finally selected after an intense quizzing and scrambling session. The successful organisation of the History Knowledge Competition provided a platform for students to showcase their talents, further stimulated their interest and love for history and culture, enriched their knowledge and broadened their horizons.

Lists of winners are listed in Chinese below.

Junior Secondary:

Champion: S2C梁天朗、S2C王文希、S2A蔡正言

1st Runner-up: S2A楊子鋒、S2A李昊宸、S2A王語童

2nd Runner-up: S3A杜雨哲、S1B陳韋衡、S1D劉曉諾

Senior Secondary:

Champion: S4A茅兆瀾、S4D劉子灝、S4C黃治齊

1st Runner-up: S4B許爾泰、S5A郭佳宇、S5B曲俊名

2nd Runner-up: S5A楊子毅、S5B吳雨欣、S5D季知墨